Bon Jovi Songs

    Jon Bon Jovi, perhaps, one of the most industrious rock musicians of all time, is about to launch yet another tour. The latest album, This House Is Not for Sale, launched in November 2016, and the tour is to kick off this February. Millions of fans in the US and worldwide will finally have a chance to see the legend live again!

    What is the most striking about the new album is that it was written with a long-lost guitarist Richie Sambora, who together with the front man himself, has built this great band a name it deserves. Still, even after Sambora’s anticipated return, This House Is Not for Sale has been ranked one of the worst albums in Bon Jovi history. How come? Even though there is no definite answer to that, the most logical one is in the band’s approach towards their audience’s needs.

    If you listen to a couple of songs from each of the band’s album, you will see how quickly they react to the new trends in the pop (yes, pop!) music. Just try to remember — it all started out in the 1980s when glam was the most mainstream direction and, gradually, as the popular music trends changed, so did the band.

    In other words, Bon Jovi and his team have always been masters of adjusting and giving the mainstream audience exactly what they want. While the true rock fans may argue that this approach is way too commercial, one thing is for sure — it works! And, one can be confident — Bon Jovi once again will gather millions of loyal and new spectators who will enjoy his show. So, let the critics argue about being faithful to one’s original sound — after all, this is their job. In the meantime, though, it will be an excellent idea to book some Bon Jovi tickets — a little way down the road, everything will be sold out, just like before!